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SoMa Mugging – A First-Hand Account

From a friend’s friend on Facebook.com a week ago, a vivid report of a late night mugging that occurred inside a building construction scaffolding pedestrian tunnel beside the Trinity Plaza site at 8th and Mission Streets. I post this to emphasize the importance of not walking alone late at night, even though we live in a fairly safe part of SoMa.  Most importantly, keep your iPhone or other smartphone device (or laptop for that matter) out of sight when walking around outdoors because that’s raw meat for the criminal vultures who come to San Francisco specifically to take those items and turn them around for quick cash.


So. Last night I left Chambers (Eddy/LArkin) at midnight to go catch my friends at Cat Club (on Folsom). I couldn’t find a cab so I just started walking.

This hood is my old stompin grounds and in the 6 years i was there, I never felt threatened by anyone. Never.
I eventually made it down to 8th & Market (the old loft-wooot) and there was a group of Mexican kinda thuggy guys sitting on the corner. I thought this was odd cause I had NEVER seen dudes like that standing on that corner of Market. At the time I was thinking, it’s midnight, why are these guys standin out here? Are they looking for some kind of late night work orr??? (like the dudes in front of the paint store-NOT at all stereotyping. just trying to make sense) It was odd. I should have thought harder that they might be gang bangers.

Anyway, I walked by them and all seemed fine. There were people walking around the streets. The Holiday Inn across the street. (which I called to get security footage from)

As I’m walking toward one of those wooden construction tunnels over a sidewalk, almost at Mission, I hear 2 of those guys running toward me. I turned and looked and them and they stopped like 50 feet away. Something seemed off and my gut told me to walk across the street. (I should have listened!) But I didn’t wanna think the worst and was feeling super positive. And didn’t wanna be a puss. Lol. PLus there were 2 big gents walking thru the tunnel just then. So I figured I’ll walk thru now and I’ll be fine. If these guys are tailing me they’re not going to do anything in front of other people.

But as soon as I passed the big normal guys I saw this metal pipe/bat/tire iron something come from behind. I was out cold for a split second. Then survival kicked in and I jumped up with my fists out. Dazed. Gushing blood.

There were random people walking around and I kept asking people for help but they just ignored me. (maybe they thought I was on Bath Salts?!)

Delirious, I stumbled down to Cat Club where the door guys helped and called cops and ambulance.

Just got back from hospital with 4 knocked out teeth. broken nose. Jacked neck. Possible cracked jaw? Chin and head contusions… Cuts etc…
As well, I lost a years worth of songs I’d been recording and song lyrics. And stories from a book I’m working on. And photos from a photo exhibit I was working on. = Broken Heart. irreplaceable things.

My point in writing all this is to make people aware that peeps are getting effing desperate these days. No jobs. Cray people roaming around… And I’m afraid it’s gonna get worse.
Ladies. Try not to travel alone on streets at night. Guys. Watch you back!
And EVERYONE, get pepper spray! Just to have. It’s cheap…
FOR THE RECORD. Unfortunately, I’ve had no less than 5 other friends leave comments saying this (or something similar) has recently happened to them!
These are uncertain times friends…
My love goes out to all you peeps who have been recently injured/robbed. I’m deeply sorry. And FEEL your PAIN! ughhhhh….

Lastly, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMING LOVE AND LIGHT! I am utterly shocked at the hundreds of responses I got today… INSANE! 🙂
It fills my heart and gives me strength to deal with this mess

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