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SoMa Semi-Annual Crime Statistics

Crime is certainly on a lot of folks’ minds in San Francisco. On Friday night, I walked by a fairly new looking silver Lexus parked on Spear beside the Gap Inc. building (full on window display spotlights shining on the car no less), and I noticed someone had smashed the driver’s side window. While continuing my walk (this is fairly common to see, right?), I did notice a bag and other stuff sitting out in plain view in this car – huge mistake and probably the impetus for the window getting smashed. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some of these SFPD Southern Station crime statistics for the first half of the year compared to the same period last year.

Southern Station Staffing:

134 Officers (13 are recruit officers in field training), 15 sergeants, 4 lieutenants

Police Blotter – Southern District – Part I Crimes

01/01/2007 – 07/31/2007 01/01/2006 – 07/31/2006
Homicide 6 3
Rape 15 22
Robbery 283 301
Aggravated Assault 178 187
Arson 6 7
Burglary 387 410
Auto Boosting 1409 1765
Larceny 1354 1199
Motor Vehicle Theft 338 347
Totals 3976 4241

What area of the City does the SFPD Southern District cover you may ask? If you bring up this map in Adobe PDF format, you will see that Captain O’Leary’s Station covers all of Treasure Island/Yerba Buena and the SoMa area from the waterfront to the east to just a little bit past South Van Ness to the west and from Market Street southeast to around Berry Street/15th Street. This District does not cover the Tenderloin, but it does cover the infamous 6th Street and surrounding areas along with Moscone, Metreon, and the new Westfield Shopping Centre. You can get a sense of how many crimes and what sorts of crimes happened in an area of San Francisco by using the very helpful SFPD CrimeMAPS web site.

I’m thankful to say that Rincon Hill is a fairly safe area with the exception of a preponderance of vehicle-related crimes. As more people start living in Rincon Hill and more stores stay open on weekends and later in the evenings, hopefully this will draw enough folks out onto the sidewalks to help prevent these vehicle crimes and to improve neighborhood safety overall.

What do you believe we need to do as a community to keep the neighborhood safe?

3 Responses to SoMa Semi-Annual Crime Statistics

  1. We all have to use common sense and not leave valuables out in sight in our cars, but I’ve had friends whose cars have had windows smashed for apparently no reason. Seems to happen more so on Saturday nights in my admittedly nonscientific observational study. It’s a problem everywhere – I used to live in Russian Hill and you couldn’t own a soft top convertible without replacing it every month. That said, it seems too many people just accept this as a way of life, as San Franciscan as a cable car ride or an afternoon at the Farmer’s Market. Statistics seem to indicate that there just aren’t enough cops out there to patrol, though from the looks of the the recent efforts in GGpark, you just need to embarass a public official and expose these nuisance crimes as a blot on our fair city’s image to get any response – are you reading this Gavin or Chris Daly??
    I’d say key points would be to increase retail, including restaurants and markets, get way more street lighting, close off that stairway leading from Essex on to Guy/Lansing, clean up that Gas station buy the bridge entrance, etc.

  2. I completely agree that we shouldn’t be so complacent and accepting about the car thieves and vandals. The SFPD is doing a pretty good job considering the number of people who commute into the City for fun and for criminal activities. However, the four new homeless folks who seem to have made Rincon Park their home (and maybe it is just coincidence that it followed the Golden Gate Park sweeps, but I’m not convinced yet) need to be given some alternatives (and pressure) as opposed to allowing them to sleep in our one and only Rincon Hill public park.

  3. If you grew up in Rincon Park and became homeless would you prefer to stay in a shelter where possible harm is very likely or in GG Park where young thugs with baseball bats roam and break legs and arms without warning…

    Of would you stay in some safer place like…. your park ?

    As long as they commit no crime its their park too ? Everyone who worked paid taxes to build out parks before becoming homeless and still pay taxes for every purchase made.

    If they commit a crime you may have them arrested.

    If they do no harm why can’t they stay in their park ? Our park ?

    The homeless community has already figured out the vast majority of the crimes are being committed by people not from here… non-homeless.

    Aside from car break ins, crimes against homeless people are many more times greater than crimes against non-homeless.

    Life expectancy in a homeless shelter is about 40 years of age (almost half) compared to people who do not stay in a shelter.

    Parks that were built with our tax money often keep us safer and costs less than staying in many shelters and SRO’s in this City.

    Also, the air is much cleaner and reduces community risk of TB which has been imported by immigrants and visitors from other countries and states.

    Staying in compact shelters where staff are hired without reasonable standards makes the homeless captive victims of crimes every day.

    Then the cops try to criminalize them for sleeping in safe places.

    Then the credit bureaus lock them out of ‘eligibility’ for jobs and housing.

    Then the cops re-arrest you as a scofflaw. Any monthly check they need to rebuild their lives is eaten up in court, police, credit, false eviction, banking fees by garnishment or as a pre-condition to new chance to rent at higher rates than everyone else, lower wage, unstable work, bad food and lower health due to all that everyone else have done to them, beyond their immediate control.

    Canned like a sardine.
    Kept unhealthy.
    Treated like dirt,

    not because of what they do but because of the FEAR inside the minds of people who assume they are to blame for whatever.

    The punks come in from other cities, cause havoc and blame the homeless so you are all preoccupied with us and they do their thing while cops are rounding up innocent homeless accused by people who ‘think’ they are to blame…

    Cool trick played on us all by the out of towners… works every time until you all wake up… and see the patterns and -listen- to the homeless that were not homeless last year…