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Spike in Roving Groups of Juvenile Robbers

Today’s Examiner contains a story that discusses a recent increase in the number of robberies perpetrated by groups of juveniles. On a related note, our neighbor and President of Community Patrol Ken Craig sent an email this morning to make neighbors aware of one such incident that occurred near the Safeway store at 4th and King Streets on Saturday night.

From Ken …

South Beach / Rincon Hill / Mission Bay – California Community Collaborative on Safety & Security Program

Patrol Special Police advised that on Saturday January 23, 2010 at 22:40 hrs an Asian male was robbed at 4th and King Street by the Safeway store.

Four black male juveniles hit the victim in the head and threatened to spray him with pepper spray. They stole the victims bracelets before running off.

Patrol Special Police and SFPD located two of the suspects at 3rd and Townsend Street and they were taken into custody.

Fortunately such incidents are relatively rare in our neighborhood, and we appreciate the fast response of the police and the speedy apprehension of two suspects in the case.

As always, when confronted with a threat like this it is always advisable to give up possessions in the hope of escaping physical harm, and attempt to gain as accurate a description of your assailant/s as possible to provide to police.

Please be aware of your surroundings when walking around … especially after dark.

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