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Spring and Summer Bring Some Negative Activities

We’re lucky to live in a relatively safe area of the City in Rincon Hill (and South Beach and Mission Bay). While last weekend’s shooting at 3rd and Folsom and stabbings at the End Up are kinda close to home, Rincon Hill has a pretty good track record (knock on wood) of being a safe area to walk around at night or whatever (setting aside the possibility of getting struck by a car or shuttle van going excessively fast, but I digress). The one crime we do face as much as any other downtown neighborhood is car break-ins.

With baseball season starting up again, I’d like to remind you that this is the time of year when we see an increase in the number of car break-ins. Opportunistic people break car windows and take whatever they SEE. Please be sure to keep your car empty when parking on the streets. Alert visitors who may drive to downtown San Francisco to keep their cars empty with nothing in sight (not even the most worthless, insignificant items should be visible).

An officer at the Rincon Point-South Beach CAC meeting on Monday said that if you park and then start hiding things, you risk a car break-in from folks who are watching an area for opportunities to steal – hide your items in the glovebox or wherever before you reach the spot where you plan to park.

Also to note is that the T-Third MUNI metro line has a reputation for an uptick in the spring and summer months of juveniles who ride the line with the intention of stealing wallets, purses, iPods, and other goods. Unfortunately, the T-Third is the only line that will likely be running through our neighborhood on the weekends if MUNI goes forward with their plans to eliminate N-Judah metro service beyond Embarcadero Station inbound on the weekends. I don’t mean to scare you away from riding MUNI, but I do want to make you aware that SFPD has been paid in the past to specifically ride the T-Third MUNI line because of crime problems on that line. Be aware – put the iPod/cell phone/netbook/whatever away when getting on this line.

With the economy in bad shape, watch out for people posing as restaurant employees walking up and taking your restaurant check and your credit card or cash payment. I don’t know how often this occurs, but I just heard about it the other day and realized I’d never paid that much attention in the past.

I’m hoping that we get more street lamps like those surrounding MOST of the Folsom/Main/Harrison/Spear block – they’re very bright and help you to see what’s ahead (or who is ahead). Be aware of your surroundings.

Car Break-In on Harrison between Spear and Main, May 2008

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