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Thieves on the Prowl Near Garages in South Beach

There is a man who has been trespassing in residential garages in South Beach.  I haven’t heard of any incidents in Rincon Hill yet, but we should try to be more vigilant about awaiting the gates on our garages to close before we leave so that we can try to keep criminals out and away from our personal property.  The man was lingering around The Embarcadero and Townsend Street last night, according to the HOA manager at 200 Brannan.

Here’s the description:  This suspect is average height, short hair and strong built, was seen both times wearing a sweatshirt and a pair shorts showing a knee brace on the left leg. He has been spotted at different residential buildings trying to enter through the garages.

If you see the gentleman hanging around your garage, you should phone the SFPD’s non-emergency number at 415-553-0123.  If you see him actually committing a crime, phone 9-1-1 or the equivalent (415)553.8090

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