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Dining Out for Life 2010

The annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser to benefit San Francisco’s Stop AIDS Project is this Thursday, April 29th at participating restaurants. Enjoy some great food from a local restaurant and help provide some funds to help educate and care for neighbors affected by AIDS.

Ever wish you could throw a dinner party and never have to do dishes or
pay for the food? Well now, you can!

With the STOP AIDS Project’s 9th Annual Dining Out for Life, you can
host a party at a hot San Francisco restaurant where 25% of all food
sales will be donated to help the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Bay


Dining Out for Life is the STOP AIDS Project’s biggest annual
fundraiser and is taking place on Thursday, April 29, 2010. More than
100 restaurants will participate this year and donate 25 percent of
their sales for the day to the HIV prevention efforts of the STOP AIDS
Project. Last year, we raised over $220,000 thanks to the support of
the restaurants, sponsors, and most importantly, our volunteer
ambassadors. We want to exceed last year’s total, but we can’t do it
without your help!

In order to run successfully, Dining Out for Life recruits over 100
volunteers to act as ‘Ambassadors’ to each of the participating
restaurants. These Ambassadors act as liaisons between the STOP AIDS
Project and their respective restaurants. Ambassadors also promote
their respective restaurants between now and the night of the event,
inviting all of their friends, family and co-workers to dine at their
restaurant on April 29, 2010. Additionally, Ambassadors act as a host
for the night at their restaurant. Ambassadors can work alone or in
groups, depending on the size of the restaurant.

Please visit http://dol2010.kintera.org for more details on the event.
Click on become an ambassador to see the list of available restaurants
and sign up for a great restaurant. Restaurants are assigned on a first
come first served basis so remember to sign up as soon as possible.
Please contact Dave Newcomb at dnewcomb@stopaids.org or 415-575-0150
x234 if you have any questions or would like more information. Thanks
in advance for your help.

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