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Embarcadero YMCA's Youth Chance High School Needs Our Support

Did you know there is a high school in the Rincon Hill neighborhood?

Youth Chance High School, an Embarcadero YMCA Program, has enriched our community for 30 years by teaching new vocational and life skills to students aged 16-21. The students earn a GED, CHSPE certificate, or high school diploma upon graduation. The classes happen in the basement of the Embarcadero YMCA, but I hear the new principal is taking advantage of the location near San Francisco’s jobs center and trying to get students out and about to trigger their creativity and hopes.

On Wednesday, May 13th, Youth Chance High School holds its gala celebration at the Hyatt Regency at Drumm and Market Streets. The evening will feature a jazz combo, a silent auction, and lots of inspiring stories from people who have been lifted up by the people involved with Youth Chance High School.

The Embarcadero YMCA gives the Rincon Hill neighborhood so much, and I hope we can give back to the YMCA and their Youth Chance High School. Please consider buying tickets to attend the event. If, like me, you cannot attend Wednesday’s event, take a look at great items available for the Youth Chance High School online auction or stop by the Embarcadero YMCA to purchase raffle tickets. You can always just send in a donation as well.

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