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Help Plant an Organic Vegetable Garden at City Hall

The REBAR Group always seems to come up with very neat projects to encourage community members to interact and to do something good for themselves and the community. The latest project offers you an opportunity to get a little dirty – planting a garden in front of City Hall between July 1st and July 12th.

From the www.sfvictorygardens.org web site:

Slow Food Nation and Victory Gardens 2008+ are creating an ornamental edible garden at the San Francisco Civic Center from July through September 2008.

Garden Design
The Civic Center Victory Garden will be a living quilt of plants and people, a garden of communities. Featuring a wide variety of heritage organic vegetables suited to the Bay Area microclimate, the garden will demonstrate the diversity of urban food production practices. Food grown in the garden will be donated to those with limited access to healthy organic produce through a partnership with local food banks and meals programs.

Project Goals
• Create the most beautiful, well-maintained, edible garden in San Francisco
• Demonstrate the potential of a truly local agriculture practice
• Bring together and promote Bay Area urban gardening organizations
• Produce high quality food for those in need
• Celebrate the Slow Food Nation event from August 29 – September 1
• Celebrate the creation of the San Francisco Food Policy Framework

We Need Your Support!
We are seeking donations of time, energy, funding, and materials. You can help by providing seeds or seed propagation space, helping to transplant or direct seed in the garden, cultivating and harvesting vegetables, or all of the above. We also need volunteers to help build, maintain, and then remove the garden. We are seeking financial support and in-kind material donations. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information please contact:
John Bela
Civic Center Victory Garden Coordinator
john@sfvictorygardens.org, (415) 350-8257

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