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Help to Fund Press Coverage of City Budget Happenings

If you’ve been reading the RinconHillSF.org blog for awhile, you are familiar with the concept of citizen-funded journalism introduced by the non-profit Spot.Us group. The Spot.Us founder David Cohn forwarded me their latest pitch for donations – City Budget Watchdog.

San Francisco needs good watchdog journalism now more than ever. Mayor Gavin Newsom has asked each city department to cut its budget by at least 25 percent to offset the city’s $438.1 million deficit. San Franciscans need to know how much funding is being eliminated, which services are being cut and the real-life impact of those reductions.

This is a joint project between The Public Press and Spot.Us. If we can raise $1,000 before the end of the month, we will receive a matching grant! You can see some of the work we’ve already produced here [http://www.public-press.org/san-francisco-city-budget-watchdog]. Help us fund a team of journalists assigned to this critical reporting effort: “City Budget Watchdog.”

Every small $10-$20 goes a LONG way. To donate talent, funds or to host a house party, please go to the pitch [http://spot.us/pitches/203]

We also JUST started a Facebook cause if you prefer that. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/305298

One Response to Help to Fund Press Coverage of City Budget Happenings

  1. I’m sitting here in the Public Press office researching SF blogs and online communities, and I’m so glad I stumbled on this. Thank you for posting! We’ve been fundraising for this project like mad, and though we’ve had some great response, we still have a ways to go. Every little bit helps.

    -Suzanne Yada
    Social media manager