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One Laptop Per Child – Give 1 Get 1 Program

Forgive me for posting a totally non-Rincon Hill or even San Francisco specific item.

There is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group called One Laptop Per Child that is a non-profit organization founded by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte and a team of educators, developers and technologists dedicated to educating children in developing countries with the goal of eradicating poverty. Donations to the group are used to provide rugged, hand-crank rechargable laptops to kids in developing nations.

I encourage you to learn more about the program by visiting their web site www.XOGiving.org. You can donate funds to the organization now …. or you can participate in their Give 1 Get 1 program beginning November 12th where you receive 1 of these laptops for your child and a second laptop is provided to a child in a developing country for your donation of $399.

This is the way we should be spreading democracy, in my opinion … providing tools to connect folks to one another and to accumulated knowledge.

Update: By golly, this topic IS indeed Rincon Hill-related. Yves Behar’s firm Fuseproject, located in Rincon Hill at 528 Folsom Street, worked with Quanta Computer and the One Laptop Per Child foundation to design the XO Laptop. Yeah for Fuseproject helping to make the world better!~!

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