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Brannan Street Wharf – MAYBE Redeveloped by 2014

While yesterday’s Port of San Francisco news was that the pilot project SFPark meters along The Embarcadero are not quite intuitive enough and need better instructions for users without PhDs, today’s news relevant to those of us living in Rincon Hill and nearby South Beach is that the Port mentions redeveloping the Brannan Street Wharf by 2014, which would entail demolishing the eyesores of the remains of Piers 34 and 36 and creating the nice open space they advertised as part of the February 2008 Parks Bond (Prop. A).

The Brannan Street Wharf was supposed to be redone quite awhile ago, getting a $15 or so million injection (sitting in a Port account somewhere earning interest) from the developer of the Watermark condominium on Beale and Bryant streets. Last year, the brochure for the $185 million “Clean & Safe Neighborhoods” Parks Bond in February 2008 stated that if the bond were passed by San Francisco voters (which it was), the approximate $3 million funding gap would be filled and construction could be finished by the end of 2012 (see this fairey tale for yourself on page 42). Here’s the exact text from that booklet on page 42 … beware of further studies to nail down costs, I guess, even when costs are going down for everybody else somehow.

The proposed $3 million will provide needed additional funding to implement the Brannan Street Wharf project, for which the Port currently has approximately $17.6 million. The Port is in the process of obtaining detailed construction costs to ensure the Brannan Street Wharf design will not exceed the $20.6 million budget.

Well, while construction and materials costs have plummeted for everyone else, it seems that the Port’s additional analysis found that the project needs another $6 million beyond 2007’s projected $20.6 million to redo the Brannan Street Wharf last I heard (a couple of months ago from Dan Hodapp). Forgive me for my ongoing cynicism, but I will believe it when I see it … in the year 2014 … maybe 2020 … who knows how long we’ll be looking at the current eyesore along the otherwise marvelous waterfront between the Ferry Building and AT&T Park.

Anyway, you can ask about the Brannan Street Wharf when Port representatives speak about the project at the next South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association meeting this Monday, June 8th at 6pm at the South Beach Harbor Services Building’s Community Room (between Pier 40 and AT&T Park). Maybe print out a few copies of page 42 to take along to the meeting.

Here’s what we’re stuck with for AT LEAST 5 more years ….
Unsafe Area - Pier 36 Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker
Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

Here’s what we were shown as incentive to vote Yes for the Parks Bond in 2008 …
Brannan Street Wharf Slide 1
Brannan Street Wharf Slide 2

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