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Demolition of Pier 36 EIR Notice Issued

Waterfront neighbors should be pleased to see The Port of San Francisco is taking the necessary steps to demolish Pier 36 in preparation for a new open space along the Brannan Street Wharf. This is great news, in my humble opinion. For your information, below is the text from the Planning Department’s EIR notification …. let’s hope this is approved and the eyesore Pier 36 demolished as soon as money permits.

Notification of Project Receiving Environmental Review
Date: June 26, 2009
Case No.: 2009.0418E
Project Address: Pier 36/Brannan Street Wharf Project
Zoning: M‐2 (Heavy Industrial), 40‐X Height and Bulk District
Block/Lot: 9900/034, 036
Lot Size: 3.6 acres (156,000 square feet)
Staff Contact: Chelsea Fordham – (415) 575‐9071

The project site is located between Pier 30‐32 and Pier 38, fronting on the east side of The Embarcadero, in proximity to the intersections of Brannan Street and Townsend Street, within the South of Market (SOMA) district of San Francisco. The proposed project involves the demolition of the existing Pier 36, including 133,000 square feet (sq.ft) of pile‐supported concrete and wooden decks and piles, the 34,500 sq. ft. Pier 36 warehouse building, and approximately 23,000 sq.ft. of marginal wharf which runs between Piers 30‐32 and Pier 38, and construction of a new approximately 57,000 sq.ft. open space park. The proposed open space, “the Brannan Street Wharf”, would be approximately 800 feet long (parallel to The Embarcadero), and would vary in width from 20 feet to 140 feet. The proposed park would consist of a raised lawn that could accommodate a variety of passive recreational uses and would include a 2,400 square‐foot craft float that would provide a temporary boat tie‐up area for landing and launching of hand‐powered and small craft boats. The construction of the proposed Brannan Street Wharf would require driving 114 to 260 new piles and reinforcing the adjacent seawall. Demolition of Pier 36 and the marginal wharf would require removal or re‐use of approximately 115, 42‐inch diameter caissons located at Pier 36, and removal of 190, 12‐inch diameter timber piles at the marginal wharf. Pier 36, the Pier 36 warehouse building, and the marginal wharf are contributing resources to the San Francisco Embarcadero National Register Historic District.
The project is being studied by the Planning Department’s Major Environmental Analysis section to determine its potential environmental effects. No environmental documents have been issued for this project. Public comments concerning the potential environmental effects of this project are welcomed. In order for your concerns to be fully considered or to ensure your receipt of future environmental review documents for this project, please contact the staff identified above by July 10, 2009. This notice is routinely sent to community organizations, tenants of the affected property and properties adjacent to the project site, and those persons who own property within 300 feet of the project site. Anyone receiving this notice is encouraged to pass on this information to others who may have an interest in the project. Environmental review provides information on physical environmental effects and does not make recommendations on the project itself. Other review or approval actions may be required for the project.
These actions may involve further public notification and public hearings. If you have comments on the proposed project that pertain to matters other than physical environmental effects, please email the staff contact who will forward these comments to the Port.

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