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Guy Place Pocket Park Update

One of our neighbors (I believe it was Jeff) asked about the status of the pocket park on Guy Place (behind Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant). I wrote the project manager at the Recreation and Park Department, Marvin Yee, and this is the response I received:

Thanks for your continuing interest in the proposal for a new park on Guy Place!

You are correct that the next step is to present the supported concept plan at a hearing held jointly by the Planning Commission and the Recreation and Park Commission. The concept plan was to be approved by the RecPark Commission, while the City Planning Dept. provides construction funding. As you may recall, the project was to be funded through the Rincon Hill Fund that is managed by the City Planning Dept. However the development bust in town means that no impact fees have accumulated in the Rincon Hill Fund for the construction of the park, and it is unclear when funds might be available. Therefore the project is currently at a standstill.

This could probably use some further investigation on the Planning Department side to learn how much money is available … and whether this could help the design of the park move along at all. Anybody have the time and interest to dig deeper?

As an aside, I also asked Rob Black of the SF Chamber of Commerce about the status of the Community Benefit District that might include the Rincon Hill neighborhood. He was getting on a plane to China when he responded and said he’d call me to chat more about this, but it is essentially shelved for the time being (bad economy).

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