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Harrison Street Park Project Website's Online Survey

The Harrison Street Park project website is now up and available for you to learn more about the space and a handy map that shows what other parks are planned or already exist.

There are some nearby planned parks to keep in mind when thinking about uses for the 333 Harrison Street park. A dog park where dogs will be able to run offleash is already on the drawing board for the Caltrans lot at Bryant and Beale Street thanks to our Watermark neighbors Marty Coressel and Josh Wolf. There’s a mini-park (pocket park?) on Guy Place that began planning a year or so ago, and the last plans Marvin Yee with San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department had shown included many benches, pillars of greenery, and water effects. At some point, we hope to have a park in the middle of where the Temporary Transbay Terminal was recently built … that’s probably 6 or more years away though. Same goes for the Transbay Transit Center’s rooftop park … probably 6 years out, but they were talking about a 2,500 seat amphitheater at the western end to program with live performances (similar to Yerba Buena Gardens performances) along with some potential kids play areas, though I’m sure that is all very much in flux and not locked down in any plans yet.

At any rate, for the 20,000 or so residents projected for a built-out Rincon Hill neighborhood (pulling together the Rincon Hill Plan area and the Transbay Redevelopment Area with Folsom Street as the central spine of the new neighborhood), we badly need additional parks and open spaces.

For Rincon Hill/South Beach residents, please fill out the online survey about what you’d like to see at the 333 Harrison Street park when you have a couple of minutes to spare. The survey is available at http://www.harrisonstreetpark.com/survey.shtml

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