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Help Get Grant Funds for the Harrison Street Park!

After five community meetings and diligent work by open space advocates Isabel Wade and Corinne Woods along with landscape architects at Cliff Lowe Associates, the final design for the Harrison Street Park is complete. You can view it online at the Harrison Street Park website.

The next step is to await the State Parks decision to award Proposition 84 funds. The challenge is that there are hundreds of parks competing with our Harrison Street Park for the grant funds from the state. If we can demonstrate by the number of letters sent to State Senator Mark Leno and Assemblymember Tom Ammiano that many constituents support the Harrison Street Park, we hope that our elected representatives may make the effort to persuade State Parks to give our application some additional merit in the decision process.

There is a very easy, less than one-minute online form that I hope each and every Rincon Hill and nearby neighbor will take the time to help their community by filling out. Please visit the online letter form and send your request to Senator Leno and Assemblymember Ammiano asking for their support right now!

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