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More public chairs and tables for Rincon Park?

Today’s Examiner has a pretty large article on page 5 talking about a decision by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission to fine JMA Waterfront Properties, backers of Waterbar and Epic Roasthouse restaurants on the south end of Rincon Park, for not providing enough “public access.”

Tables and chairs on Embarcadero by Waterbar and Epic Roasthouse

I first saw the 5 tables and chairs for the public sitting out by the bay between Waterbar and Epic Roasthouse last June (2008). The article says that “Only two tables are present in the public area, according to BCDC documents.” That doesn’t sound right to me unless they just happened to check on one of a handful of days when there were in fact only 2 tables sitting outside. I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive about public open spaces and amenities, and I count the chairs and tables every day that I walk by that space (probably close to 400 occasions since June 30, 2008 when I first saw the tables and chairs sitting out there). There are some occasions, especially when they’re hosting parties at the restaurants, when there are less than 5 tables with 4 chairs each … but I’d say that has been about 10-20 instances that I’ve noticed since June 2008. The more annoying factor about the tables and chairs is that it has become the de facto cigarette and cigar smokers area for restaurant patrons, and the cigarette butts tend to accumulate in the sidewalk cracks around the public open space.

At any rate, one result of the BCDC’s fine should be 4 more tables and 16 more chairs to be set up within the next 4 months … perhaps we can get a table top that doesn’t get so hot under the sun for the additional tables? It’d also be nice to have some shade on at least one or two of the tables, but then views might be obstructed … 🙂

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