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New Streetscape Elements Appearing in Rincon Hill

Credit: Jamie Whitaker

Sorry for the lack of posts … busy as can be at my full-time job with a fresh quarter-end and, in most cases, fiscal year-end for my clients. I’ll probably write more about this on my Examiner.com page (for which I’ve set up a forwarding domain, www.SFRinconHill.com) later this week, but I wanted to share an image with you now. The expanded, 30′ sidewalks planned for Spear, Main, and Beale Streets can be previewed on the NE side of The Infinity where I photographed the benches pictured with this post (Spear and Folsom Streets). As sidewalk and roadwork is performed on these three streets, we should see more 30′ sidewalks and other public amenities like the benches.

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