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Open Space Workshop for SoMa

There are a series of workshops that provide an opportunity for San Francisco residents to discuss public open spaces (parks, sidewalks, other public open spaces). The SoMa workshop will be hosted by the SoMa Leadership Council on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at Arc of San Francisco, 180 11th Street, 2nd Floor. Jim Meko is the President of the SoMa Leadership Council, and he’s a great resource in our community – and an excellent candidate for Supervisor for District 6 I might add – so be sure to introduce yourself if you attend this meeting.

A Framework for Open Space in San Francisco

OPEN SPACE 2100 is a planning project to help provide a long-term, sustainable roadmap for using, acquiring, developing, funding, and managing open space in San Francisco.

Park Panorama

The Planning Department, the Mayor’s Office of Greening and the Recreation and Parks Department have been working closely with other city agencies, as well as with our nonprofit partner, the Neighborhood Parks Council to create an Open Space Framework for the City of San Francisco.

The Open Space Framework aims to provide all the elements needed to strive towards San Francisco’s goal of a comprehensive open space network, one that is made up of local, citywide, regional and even national destinations, and that provides space for people to relax, recreate and enjoy the natural beauty of the area on a daily basis. The Open Space Framework will include many different components.

The first will be a vision for open space for the City for the next 100 years – a broad outline of what the City’s ideal open space network would look like.

The second will be the City’s guiding policy document, the Recreation and Open Space Element (ROSE), which will be part of the City’s General Plan and will guide open space development, acquisition and priorities for the City
of San Francisco for the next 25 years.

The final component will be short-term Action Plan – a set of five and ten year implementation programs.


While the Open Space Action Plan cannot guide specific site acquisition or renovation – those decisions have to be made at the neighborhood level – it will provide a roadmap for policy makers, City agencies and our open space
partners in setting overall citywide priorities for open space.

Park Panorama

Use this website to stay informed about the plan as well as future community meetings and projects in your part of the city.

The planning process has four phases:

1. Shape the Vision: Open Space Task Force

2. Imagine the Future: When the City and civic partners engage the community in identifying their open space priorities through a number of different ways (click here to
discover how you can participate

3. Chart the Steps: When the City, and its partners will synthesize the analysis findings into specific recommendations for successful open space across the city;

4. Secure the Future: When the City begins to implement the Open Space Action Plan.

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