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Playground Possibilities for the Waterfront

Neighborhood leaders from the SoMa waterfront and the Barbary Coast neighborhood met with Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg last Thursday afternoon to discuss the need for a childrens playground somewhere around the Ferry Building.

One of my tasks is to gather interested neighbors who will work on the nitty gritty of planning and funding a playground project. Please e-mail me at RinconHill@gmail.com and let me know the email address at which you would like to receive updates and meeting notices for neighbors who want to be involved in building something for our neighborhood kids to enjoy.

In the meanwhile, one idea (and we’re at the early, early stage of just talking about ideas – we still need to nail down a location for a playground, so don’t get too fixated on any of this yet) being discussed is the Imagination Playground that has been met with great success in other urban areas. See the videos below for some background information ….

3 Responses to Playground Possibilities for the Waterfront

  1. Jamie, A few weeks ago I heard about the possibility of putting a playground in the triangle of concrete at Steuart, Howard and The Embarcadero. I don’t know if that was just a wild idea someone had or a real proposal, but have you heard anything more about it?

  2. That triangle is likely out of play – at least for the next couple of years. It is leased to SFPUC (Public Utilities Commission) as a work staging area for some water system upgrades that are/were planned along the Embarcadero. After that lease ends/terminates, the Port will not likely allow the property to be changed into a public open space because they believe they could generate revenue with the triangle of land by leasing it for a restaurant in the future.

  3. Thanks for the info! I wouldn’t have thought that space large enough for a restaurant. But looking at it on Google maps, it could house something the size of Epic or Waterbar across the street. There’s a nice assemblage of restaurants happening in this corner of the city.