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Rincon Hill Dog Park is open for the community to use!

While the construction isn’t quite complete (water fountains aren’t yet working, lighting fixtures need electricity), we’ve been given the go ahead to open the Rincon Hill Dog Park at the NW corner of Bryant and Beale Streets from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. effective today (December 16, 2011).

Please read Marty Coressel’s email below for the full details:

Great news! Our “soft opening” of the Dog Park has officially began. And, the Grand Opening celebration event has been scheduled for Saturday, February 11th. Mark your calendars. Many more details to come.

What to expect during the “soft opening” period?

– We will have the dog park open daily, from 8 am to 5 pm until the lighting system has been tested and certified.

– Lighting system targeted for completion in approximately 10 days.

– There may be temporary closures for construction crews to finish up small items, but will provide 24 hour notice.

– Water fountains in both parks will be operational next week

– Sprinkler system should be working next week. Sprinkler system will run at night and keep down dust and flush surface areas.

– One additional bench is still to be added to each park area by end of January

– Planting on the side of the hill will begin in late January.

– Permanent trash containers should be in place within next couple of weeks.

– “Temporary” dog poop bags have been supplied and our sponsor, Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Pet Store will supply bags long-term. (Pawtrero – thank you for your generosity)

– Get to know you’re neighbors and politely remind each other to utilize the supplied waste bags.

– Dog owners are responsible for their own dog’s waste bagging.

– Please dispose of waste in the centralized “temporary” trash container located in-between the park gate entrance areas.

We will learn a lot about operating our new park over the next couple of months. Please expects some bumps along the way which is expected with any new construction.

In the meantime, get your pups out there and let them run ‘off-leash’. Lastly, remember to re-leash your dogs before leaving the double gated areas. Enjoy!

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