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Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan Up for Adoption This Week

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From the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan – Mid-Block Crossing on Main Street between Folsom and Harrison:


Details from Paul Chasan at the Planning Department:

The Planning Department is excited to announce that the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan is scheduled for Adoption!

The Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan (RHSP) was inspired by the Rincon Hill Area Plan, a comprehensive planning effort that addressed land use, transportation, and open space in the Rincon Hill neighborhood. One key component of the Area Plan was a rezone that increased height limits – with the intent that new development in Rincon Hill would help fund open space and public realm improvements in the neighborhood. While the Area Plan included some basic streetscape concepts, it didn’t go into specific details about how streets should be designed. After the Area Plan was published in 2006, the City wrote the Draft Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan (RHSP).

The RHSP defines a design vision each street in the Rincon Hill Neighborhood. The Plan articulates a detailed level of specificity to ensure that the streets surrounding Rincon Hill would be designed as high-quality, pedestrian-friendly spaces made using a consistent material palette and furnishings. Typical streetscape designs include sidewalk dimensions, paving materials, street trees, furniture, sidewalk dimensions etc.

The Draft Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan can be downloaded here:


The Department’s intent was to follow with adoptions by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors soon afterwards. Unfortunately, in late 2007, the global recession hit and San Francisco’s real estate market crashed. Several pending projects in Rincon Hill went dormant. The Streetscape Plan was never taken through final adoption by the Commission or the Board, and it has persisted in “draft” status since that time.

Fast forward to 2015 and the real estate market is back with a vengeance. The Planning Department has made some minor modifications to the RHSP to reflect some changing conditions on the ground and has begun the process of formally adopting the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan. Over the next few weeks, you may hear about the RHSP in the news as it winds its way through the adoption process. This process will involve

  • UPDATE: The SFMTA Board unanimously approved the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan on March 3, 2015.
    A hearing at the Municipal Transportation Agency Board on Tuesday, March 3rd
    at 1pm at City Hall, Room 400

  • A preliminary Hearing at the Planning Commission on Thursday, March 5th at 12pm (noon) at City Hall, Room 400
  • A final hearing at the Planning Commission on Thursday, March 26th
  • Hearings at the Board of Supervisors (dates TBD)

If you support the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan, please consider attending and testifying at the Public Hearing at the Planning Commission at City Hall on Thursday, March 5th or submitting a letter to the Planning Commission (and MTA Board).

E-mails of support for the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan to the Planning Commission and MTA Board should be addressed to

  • Jonas Ionin, Planning Commission Secretary: Jonas.Ionin@sfgov.org , and
  • Roberta Boomer, Municipal Transportation Agency Board Secretary: Roberta.Boomer@sfmta.com – UPDATE: Already heard and passed at SFMTA Board on 3/3/205.

Please CC Paul Chasan from the San Francisco Planning Department on these emails, paul.chasan@sfgov.org


If you have any questions about the Rincon Hill Streetscape Plan or the plan’s adoption process, please contact Paul Chasan at 415-575-9065, paul.chasan@sfgov.org.

Jamie Whitaker writing here below the horizontal line. 

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  1. Thank you. I’ve sent an email and asked others to do so. Please continue to keep us posted.