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Rincon Park Lightpole Fixed!

I don’t know if I can necessarily credit the www.SeeClickFix.com web site seeing as how I entered this issue on their web site on September 4, 2008, about 186 days ago. However, I noticed tonight as I was walking home that the lightpole in question has been completely fixed. Thank you Port of San Francisco and/or whomever (Gap Inc.? Epic Roasthouse?), damaged by someone’s vehicle parked on the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade during construction of the Kuleto restaurants and backing into the pole about a year and a half ago, got this lightpole finally fixed and lookin’ good to go with the beautiful Rincon Park.

Don’t forget to log issues on SeeClickFix.com so we all know about the issues … and if it is something the City should fix, call 311 (program 415/701-2311 on your cell phone) or visit the 311 web site to enter the issue online. I noticed the City had a truck out on the corner of Howard and Main the other morning trying to fix the catchbasin that has been overflowing on the street lately – that was a 311 issue I entered on their web site.

I also need to say kudos to the folks at the building on the NE corner of Folsom and Main Streets (160 Folsom, I think it is?) because I noticed that the graffitti that appeared on the Main Street side of the building a few weeks ago was covered up in recent days …. happy to see it taken care of eventually. That’s one of those issues that private owners should take care of ASAP … or neighbors should file it with the DPT on the 311 web site.

Fixed light pole in Rincon Park

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