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Sony Pictures Vandalizes Rincon Park

City Attorney Dennis Herrera needs to contact Sony Pictures and demand they pay for their corporate sponsored vandalism to be cleaned up from the sidewalk in Rincon Park between Waterbar and San Francisco Bay. The City Attorney should also levy a hefty fine to slap their wrist and make movie distributors think twice about using corporate sponsored vandalism as a promotional tool ever again in San Francisco. In case Sony Pictures doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on in the real world, there is a projected budget deficit in San Francisco, as in many cities and the State of California itself, that means every single penny spent on cleaning up irresponsible vandalism is a penny we really needed to spend elsewhere. Sony Pictures should do the right thing and get this cleaned up right away.

Sony Pictures Vandlizes Rincon Park, May 10, 2009
Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

7 Responses to Sony Pictures Vandalizes Rincon Park

  1. I see many many instances of non-corporate sponsored vandalism in my SF neighborhood. And guess what? Herrera doesn’t care about that either.

    One little tiny bit of graffiti does not a problem make. Entire streets full of the stuff are what ruffle my feathers.

  2. I’d recommend calling the Department of Public Works or 311 (or online, go to http://www.sfgov.org/311 ) to report graffitti public property. You can report the graffitti on private property too, but I’d recommend talking with your neighbor about getting it cleaned up without the City’s intervention (and fine) first.

    My call out for City Attorney Herrera to get on Sony’s case is that this is an instance where there is little doubt who paid for this vandalism of the Rincon Hill neighborhood’s waterfront park (Rincon Park). Companies should know better than to pull such irresponsible crap at this point in time … buy a billboard like everyone else or put an ad in the newspapers for your wonky “viral campaign” for a new movie.

  3. I posted a link to this on their official facebook page:


  4. is there such a thing as responsible vandalism?

  5. I might assume that that’s temporary chalky stuff designed to go away after getting trod upon for a few days.

    Which could make it Kosher.

    That’s my guess…

  6. A big thank you to City Attorney Dennis Herrera for sending the necessary message to Sony Pictures. Sony Pictures has cleaned up the vandalism they sponsored, and they’ve promised to not utilize this method of promotion ever again in San Francisco.


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