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Sue Bierman Playground Legislation at Land Use Committee

On Monday, November 14th at 1 p.m. at City Hall in Room 263, the Board of Supervisors Land Use & Economic Development Committee will hear a proposed amendment to Ordinance 109-01 (signed in May 2001) to allow for the addition of playground structures in Sue Bierman Park.  As demonstrated by the increasing population of kids in zip codes 94111 and 94105 in the 2010 Census along with out knowledge that about 600 kids spend their weekdays in day care centers at the bases of office buildings near the Ferry Building and at the Embarcadero YMCA, there are over 1,100 children in the area every day who need a playground.

It would be very helpful if SoMa waterfront neighbors who can spare the time could stop in to this BOS Committee meeting to make supportive public comments in favor of the amendment to allow playground equipment.  While the pastoral design of Sue Bierman park may have been the best use in prior years, we need to add playgrounds to the area because we are currently failing to provide the 1,100+ kids in the area with a healthy means to develop their coordination skills, muscles, and social skills in an outdoor, fresh air environment.

Without playground equipment, kids are using less safe objects as if they were playground equipment as shown below (Sue Bierman Park on November 13, 2011 around 11:30 a.m., corner of Washington and Drumm Streets).

Sue Bierman Park on November 13, 2011. Photo by Jamie Whitaker.

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