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Survey for South Park Improvement Priorities

My friend Toby Levy over in the fabulous South Park circle sent the following message out. Since I am sure some of you take your kids (or maybe pet(s)) to South Park, I thought there would be some interest in providing input …

Hi Everyone;
As an outcome of our past meetings and in an effort to register everyone’s opinions, we have developed a short survey to help prioritize the future park improvements. The survey only addresses the Park, not the roadway, nor the sidewalks across the street. We will tackle those improvements separately.
The link is http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P35F8TV.

Please fill out the survey, once. We are hoping that residents, business users, property owners and all interested parties, (since it is a public park) fill it out. The results will be subject of discussion at our next meeting, and will hopefully help guide us in seeking funding.
Thanks for your interest.

Toby S. Levy, FAIA

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