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Vandalism at Rincon Park

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

Over the weekend, I was disheartened to see many of the concrete benches along the waterfront around Rincon Park have been vandalized. The pieces of metal bolted on to the concrete in order to discourage skateboarders from damaging the structures apparently have value to someone (maybe melted down? I can only guess).

Anyway … it is a shame to see. The majority of the missing metal pieces are, not surprisingly, taken from areas where the lights in the evening hours do not light up. That would be the first, third, seventh, and thirteenth light poles starting from the north of Rincon Park and walking south towards SFFD’s Fire Boat house at Harrison and The Embarcadero. I should note that the thirteenth light pole also appears damaged, as if someone (maybe one of the workers from the two restaurants going up there) in a truck backed into it. At least one other light pole also looks light it may have been damaged by a vehicle, but I figure I’ve got enough of a laundry list as it is without looking for more damage to report tonight. If anyone knows who I can contact about those lights (maybe The Port of San Francisco?), please let me know or better yet, please pass the word along.

The population of folks sleeping in the park at night is holding steady – I’m counting about 3-4 each night I walk through there. They’re harmless, as far as I can tell, but it would be nice if the lights were all working to add a higher sense of safety for all involved and to hopefully discourage vandalism. The opening of the two restaurants should also help discourage vandals (I hope).

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  1. I would like to know more about what it is that your area does to keep vandalism from happening. So if you could contact me back by my e-mail I wouid gladly like to get some information for our school paper. Please try to contact me by April 24,2009. Thank you!!!