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Compromise with some positive outcomes for neighbors today

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee heard the group of CAC
members and those neighbors who emailed and asked that the CAC be able to do its
job and get a chance to review important details prior to the Board of SUpes.

Our Supervisor Jane Kim amended today’s resolution to require that the CAC have
at least 2 meetings about the final term sheet and provide a written report of
advice to the Board of Supervisors before the BOS can approve it this spring. I
don’t think that would have happened without our shared efforts.

That’s the biggie because the Term Sheet is where the final financial details
(where we’re going to get guaranteed funding to mitigate issues in our
neighborhood) get determined.

They also pushed the first Environmental Impact Report Scoping meeting to
mid-January (as opposed to the first or second week of December) – I would
assume that means there are still 2 EIR scoping meetings, both probably
happening in January 2013 after the holidays.

The Budget Committee went ahead and approved the Feasibility Report. I think
that’s fine … the compromise in our favor was the newly guaranteed vetting by
the CAC of the Term Sheet which is the final financial deal.

It probably didn’t hurt that the Warriors brought in one of the City’s most
powerful political forces today, the labor unions, to announce voluntary
compliance with 25% local labor (SF residents) to build the arena. That is a
big deal for Supervisor John Avalos who sits on the Budget Committee.

Next up: Land Use Committee on Monday, 11/19/2012 at 1pm at City Hall (check
Agenda for location whenever it gets posted here:
http://www.sfbos.org/meeting.aspx?page=720 ) where the transportation and
quality of life stuff will be discussed. I know the meeting day/time is really
tough on folks in our neighborhood who probably have 60 hour per week type jobs
that don’t really allow for time off to attend, but thanks in advance to those
neighbors who do attend and speak up.

One good reading before Monday is SFCTA’s report telling us SoMa is on track for
Total Traffic Gridlock in the near future if nothing is done to curb the number
of drivers on the roads. Read more here:

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  1. I think the first one is Dec. 12th (was that the original day?). They added the second so that people too busy with the holidays can still chime in.