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Warriors Arena at Piers 30-32 – Statement by SBRMBNA

The South Beach | Rincon | Mission Bay Neighborhood Association released the following statement regarding the project idea of building an arena at Piers 30-32 for the Golden State Warriors and other events. The long and short of it is that the Association hears the idea and wants to now hear how it can work from a City infrastructure perspective.

Warriors’ Proposal to Build an Arena on Piers 30/32

Reaction of Local Neighborhood Association
The South Beach, Rincon, Mission Bay, and South Park neighborhoods comprise a growing residential zone made up of young professionals, new families, families in affordable housing, executives and seniors.  This region of the City is still growing and changing and is no longer just an industrial or entertainment/sports zone.  Because of this, the Neighborhood Association has significant concerns about the proposed arena development.
The South Beach / Rincon / Mission Bay Neighborhood Association is one of the most progress- and development-friendly neighborhood groups in the City, supporting such regional projects as the Central Subway and America’s Cup.   As an association we are supportive of the Mayor’s plans for moving San Francisco forward by providing the City with the infrastructure it needs to remain one of the finest cities in the world, and would be proud to see the Warriors come to San Francisco.
We have serious concerns about changing from a mixed-use district with primarily residential neighborhoods and a major stadium to one that has a major stadium AND a major arena along the Embarcadero.  We are able to handle the pressures of the major ballpark, but we are having trouble visualizing how the neighborhood can absorb the year-round impacts of two major sports complexes without overloading the infrastructure and becoming no longer family-friendly.
It is also important to stress that we are very cooperative about altering travel or guest plans around ballgame days and other events at AT&T Park.  However, the prospect of going from about 80 such days each year to potentially more than 300 days each year between King Street and Piers 30/32 makes it exceedingly difficult for the neighborhood to absorb without major investments by the City and the developers to prevent almost continuous gridlock on the Embarcadero Muni lines and to ensure traffic and crime control. 
Just a few of the many questions we have are: 
·         How do we minimize impacts on traffic and parking?
·         How will crime and sanitation issues be addressed?
·         How will arena events be coordinated with those at AT&T Park?
·         How do we make sure that the development serves local needs even when there’s not a game or concert (like the AT&T Park outside restaurants do)?
We are, by far, the most impacted by the present effects of AT&T Park events on crime, traffic, and congestion of the Muni Metro along the Embarcadero. Those effects may become overwhelming if another venue is placed in the same vicinity.
We need to understand and test the Pier 30/32 option against the realities of the already maxed-out transit stations and arteries feeding the location, the residential constraints of a now densely populated and family-friendly neighborhood, and the best use for the finite and limited shoreline access. If there are other, better-suited options, they need to be on the table. Development by fiat doesn’t fly in our City.
Members of our association worked successfully with the Giants over a period of three years to plan and design their ballpark.  This collaboration ensured community buy-in and appropriate mitigation of negative impacts.  The Warriors need to continue sitting down with us as the Giants did.  We’re looking forward to working with the Warriors’ owners, our City officials and agencies, and our neighbors to make sure the San Francisco (!) Warriors find a comfortable home court, and that they’re a win-win proposition, both in our community and in their field of play.

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