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Warriors Arena Project Fiscal Feasiblity Document

The Mayor submitted a resolution to the Board of Supervisors on 10/23/2012 regarding the fiscal feasibility of the Piers 30-32 and Seawall Lot 330 project for the Golden State Warriors. Included with the resolution was a 197 page set of documents providing details of the currently proposed project that all neighbors should read. It will likely be heard and open for public comment at the Board of Supervisors Budget Committee on November 7, 2012 and in the Land Use Committee on Monday, November 12, 2012 (check the agendas to be certain).

One Response to Warriors Arena Project Fiscal Feasiblity Document

  1. There are some chilling facts in this document. It is a must read for all those still determining how they feel about the proposed Warriors’ arena on Piers 30-32.

    Some of the more interesting factoids are:

    – The City will have to reimburse the Warriors up to $120 million for pier refurbishment
    – The proposed arena seats 17,500, but will only have 650 parking spaces
    – The development planned for sea wall lot 330 includes a hotel, retail, and condos and will require rezoning as the building will exceed the 105 foot height limit

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