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Looking Up in Rincon Hill

JK Dineen gives Rincon Hill some front page love in the May 3, 2014 San Francisco Chronicle with this story on the development of our high-density residential neighborhood.

Inadequate transit in the South of Market District is mentioned in the article, and it is one of the primary reasons that I (Jamie Whitaker) have decided to run for District 6 Supervisor this November 4, 2014. We had a LOCAL bus service that ran along Harrison to west SoMa/Mission and stopped at The Embarcadero, Main Street, 1st Street, and 2nd Street until SFMTA decided to re-route the bus so that our “transit oriented development neighborhood” had no LOCAL transit.  That was 4.5 years ago, and thousands of new residents later with thousands more to come, there is still no plan to just add 4 more blocks to the 12-Folsom bus route to give us an alternative to walking practically 1 mile across dangerous streets (1st and Folsom, for example) to get to a LOCAL 12-Folsom bus to take us to grocery stores, affordable dining options, and nightclubs in western SoMa and the Mission.

Want someone who will aggressively hold SFMTA accountable and push to restore LOCAL bus service in Rincon Hill?  Then support Jamie Whitaker for District 6 Supervisor with a donation or signing up to volunteer (or both).

Please visit www.ElectJamie.com and help Elect Jamie Whitaker for District 6 Supervisor if you’d like a loyal, passionate representative for District 6 in City Hall.

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