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Happily Raving About Street Lighting

Have you walked down Main Street’s east side (The Infinity/server co-location side) from Folsom to Harrison street at night recently and noticed how well-lit the sidewalk is? Holy cow – its great!!

I just noticed the new, bright street lights for the first time tonight when I walked home from Mission and Main streets, where the 14 bus dropped me off after a nice meal at El Zocalo in Bernal Heights/The Mission (fabulous papusas, good value).

I can only hope Rincon Hill’s blocks will be full of these new lights that really help to improve visibility and add some safety in the evening/night hours.

Now, if only somebody didn’t plant trees in front of the data center, obstructing what little sidewalk space is leftover after the big ramp/handicap whatever in front of the building. Oh well … I love the new, bright street lights!

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