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Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker.

The Sunday edition of The Examiner featured a relatively new blog that provides some “Miss Manners” advice for San Francisco Muni riders. The web site, www.MuniManners.com, offers some excellent tips such as refrain from singing while riding the bus and stow your bags.

I took the photograph posted with this entry of a gentleman standing in the middle of the aisle, near the doors of a T-Third Muni metro train yesterday with his backpack on to try to point out the need to stow bags. There was also a 2-passenger baby stroller that you can barely see in the bottom right corner of the photo, just to add another obstacle for folks getting off and on the train. Unless you’re trying to initiate physical contact with fellow passengers and draw scowls in the process, please remember to take your backpacks off while standing in the aisles of the bus. Stow them at your feet or at least hold on to them where you can be conscious about keeping the bag out of the way of others.

Share the link to that blog – pass the lessons along. www.MuniManners.com

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