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PG&E Working on Street Lamp on Main Street This Morning

I’m optimistic that when I walk home from work tonight, the darkness that used to cover a segment of the sidewalk between Folsom and Harrison because of a non-working street lamp will finally be illuminated again. While walking to work this morning, I observed a PG&E truck parked by the light pole and a PG&E worker navigating his cherry picker bucket up to the lamp with a new electrical wire in his hand.

I’ll update this post after I verify the light is working tonight, but I applaud PG&E’s efforts.

Takeaways on reporting non-working street lamps:
1) Don’t bother calling 311 – at least that was my experience. SFPUC did not receive the reports I provided to 311 over my cell phone.
2) Multiple organizations maintain the street lamps in San Francisco. I’d start by reporting the street lamp issue to SFPUC via their web site. If the light is the responsibility of another organization, SFPUC will likely pass the report along to the appropriate organization.
3) If the light isn’t fixed after a couple of weeks, get in touch with SFPUC and ask who is responsible for the street light. If it is PG&E, report the street lamp issue to them via their web site as well.

The most important action is that you do take some action and invest yourself in keeping Rincon Hill a desirable area for residents, workers, and visitors to our quickly rising neighborhood. The next item on my list is a tree that somebody broker off on Harrison just a little west of Spear, and all that remains in a pointy stem that could be dangerous to passerby … especially if a person fell on it.

9:00PM Update: I can see the light! It took 2.5 months and the learning curve of how to best get the message to the appropriate party, but I’m happy to say that PG&E fixed the 2nd street lamp south of Folsom on the SW side of Main Street this morning and it is illuminating the sidewalk this evening. Thank you PG&E!

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