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Re-re-reporting (PG&E's) Out Street Lamp on Main Street, South of Folsom

It is good to be back home in San Francisco after spending four days in Portland. There were a few things I noticed while walking home on the pedestrian walkway along the waterfront tonight.

I noticed that Whoopee and Weepy have been removed from their spot on The Embarcadero next to Pier 14. Maybe we’ll see the spider sculpture in their place before Halloween?

I also noticed the man who has been setting up a little dome, blue and yellow tent in front of Cupid’s Span near the waterfront in Rincon Point Park is still setting up his tent at night to sleep. If he only wouldn’t have yelled “F*#K YOU” to me when I was minding my own business and walking by last week, I could probably care less that he sets up a tent there at night when no one else wants to use the park save a dog owner or two. However, since he did decide to shout at me while I was walking by not even looking at him, I’ve decided to call the SF Police Department’s Non-Emergency number (save it to your cell phone, 415-553-0123) every time I walk by and see the guy’s tent sitting there set up because I don’t want other folks to put up with that crass crap and maybe stop jogging, bicycling, or walking along our beautiful waterfront because they fear this dude with the potty mouth in the tent.

Finally, I took a walk up Main to see if the street light I first reported to San Francisco’s PUC via the excellent 311 phone service was fixed 8 weeks or so after I reported it as being out. Nope, the light is still out. Although I already filled out their online form for street lamps that are not lighting up at night about 3 weeks ago for this same lamp, I filled out the form again tonight. 10/31/2007 UPDATE: The second street light that I reported through 311 and SF PUC’s web site is actually the responsbility of PG&E. I learned this today from an email sent to me by a representative of SF PUC. Thank you very much to SF PUC for the communication and for fixing the other street light at Spear and Harrison in a fairly timely manner (granted there was apparently a dropped ball between the 311 service and SF PUC when I first called in the issue, but I’m just glad to have a well-lit sidewalk when I walk through that area).

It isn’t much, but these are small things any of us can do to try to maintain our neighborhood as a safe, enjoyable, and clean area of the City.

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