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Request Bike Racks Where You Want to See Them

From the February/March 2009 Tube Times, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s (SFBC) member newsletter…

I wish there was a bike rack at…

Anytime you go somewhere with your bike and can’t find on-street bike parking, make a note of it. Then, go to our Fix It! web page at sfbike.org/fix and submit the quick form to let the City know where you want a bike rack. All they need to know is the address or business name and street. When the injunction is lifted in mid-2009, the City plans to install about 1,000 sidewalk bike parking racks.

The City knows that the SFBC members are the real experts on where racks are needed. Members have already submitted more than 300 requests, so have your say!

Let the City know where you want to see a free bike parking rack at sfbike.org/fix.

Consider people who come over to visit you in RIncon Hill – where might they put their bicycle while visiting you? What stores and other businesses might you bicycle to in Rincon Hill – maybe a stop at the Rincon Center post office on your way to Crissy Field? What parks might you bicycle to and need a spot to park your bicycle while you enjoy recreational activities in the park?

I’m dreaming that maybe the proposed open space at the NE corner of Howard and 2nd Streets that will connect to the new Transbay Transit Center might offer a deluxe bicycle parking facility with showers for folks commuting to their FiDi (Financial District) jobs or folks riding their bikes to the Transbay Transit Center to hop on Caltrain, a high-speed rail train, or BART to travel to their jobs outside of San Francisco. I’m hoping the folks at the Bicycle Coalition might advocate for such a thing …

Let’s make sure Rincon Hill gets its fair share of these 1,000 bicycle racks!

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