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San Francisco's 8,000+ Employees Who Earned Over $100,000 in 2007

The San Francisco Chronicle took the time to ask the City and County of San Francisco’s Controller office for the salary information of our public employees. If you’re curious who the top earner on the public payroll in San Francisco was in 2007, click here to see the top earners on the list.

Can somebody find me a job with the City? I don’t even necessarily need to make over $100,000 to get by … especially considering there are often decent pensions and, after dedicating yourself for at least 5 years (grimace, sigh), retiree healthcare benefits to boot. Hard to beat that in the private sector … very hard. Regardless of how many hours most folks work in the private sector, 40 hours or 80 hours, they tend to get paid the same amount more or less (maybe a free dinner here and there for working late). Most folks working in the private sector can only dream about matching or doubling their salary with overtime pay.

What’s all this noise about budget problems and the need to increase parking ticket fees and such? Hmmm….. maybe we need to pay more attention to who we elect to the Board of Supervisors and Mayor’s office after all (snark). I do wish that the Board of Supervisors would meet at 7pm instead of 2pm, as to give us working folks a chance to voice our opinions to them when they meet. As a friendly reminder, this is my personal blog – it doesn’t represent the views of any organization I belong to.

Update 3/30/2008: Sunday’s Chronicle offers a full story on this topic, and you can read it online if you don’t have the opportunity to pick up a print edition.

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