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Tax Vote Idea Indicates More Cowardice from Supervisors in City Hall in 2009

Can someone tell me why we pay the Board of Supervisors members $98,000 or so each per year for copping out and sending ballot box budgeting items to the voters to decide how the City should operate?

I’m voting NO, NO, NO – the cowards on the Board of Supervisors promoting this idea (our Supervisor, Chris Daly, is named as one of them) need to do their jobs and either move to get rid of the $5 billion of set asides of the $6 billion annual City/County budget that are locked and untouchable by our current electeds or they need to do what the rest of us are doing and figure out where to stop spending money (there’s no mystery here – public health services will suffer because it is not covered as a set aside that can’t be touched).

Since some Supervisors want to avoid the tough decisions and just spend money on a special June 2009 election to ask voters to raise taxes instead as noted in the Chronicle and Examiner today, maybe they can earn their salaries and start picking up the garbage off the streets and otherwise make themselves useful to the citizens of San Francisco.

I was a strong Howard Dean supporter in 2003/2004 and a strong Barack Obama supporter in 2007/2008 because these guys recognized that governments can’t live on credit cards or spending money today that hurts our children tomorrow. It is too bad the majority of the Board of Supervisors don’t have a clue about how to balance a checkbook – we’ll all suffer because of it.

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