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Follow-Up from Tuesday's Neighborhood Association Meeting

It was nice to meet and to see about 40 attendees to the Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday at The Infinity’s fabulous Club Lounge. Thank you for attending the meeting, and I hope you can bring a neighbor to our next meeting on May 13th when we’ll hear more details from Rob Black from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce about setting up a Community Benefit District.

Thank you very much to Karen and The Infinity for hosting the meeting!

Also, thank you to Steve and Laundry Locker for providing drinks and snacks for the meeting as well as telling us about his company’s convenient laundry services for busy professionals. If you’d like to hire the same caterer for one of your events in the future, the catering was performed by Mariposa Kitchen.

Thank you to Mike Grisso and his two colleagues from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for walking us through the exciting future plans for Folsom Street developments and other planned improvements for the formally named “Rincon Hill” and “Transbay Area” that come together to form what we consider the Rincon Hill neighborhood with Folsom Boulevard as the future, main retail spine of the neighborhood.

Due to the interests of attendees, a lot of time was spent discussing Block 11 in the Transbay Area plan – the corner of Folsom and Essex Streets that will be developed into permanent, supportive housing. For those of you interested in touring a similar facility at 6th and Howard, please send your name, phone number, good times to take a tour (Monday – Friday, 9am to 7pm is approximate range of possibilities), and a note that you’d like to tour a supportive housing facility to Info@RinconHillNeighbors.org to express your interest.

Personally, I believe it’ll be important that we welcome the involvement of everyone in making our neighborhood better. It sounds funny to say, but we all need to learn to smile and say hello to one another while walking around the neighborhood. We would not help the situation if we somehow make folks living in supportive housing feel like pariahs in the community.

Sign up for the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association email list at www.RinconHillNeighbors.org.

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