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High Speed Rail in the News

In case you didn’t pick up a copy of The Examiner while walking into work today, there’s an article about California’s High Speed Rail project and some concerns voiced by folks about property values, noise, traffic, and so on. Personally, I believe the High Speed Rail project is a poster child for why term limits are a bad idea. A multi-decade project like High Speed Rail needs champions who do not have to worry about finding their next gig so much as improving Californians’ welfare and quality of life.

By the way, we’ll be able to ask Transbay JPA Senior Program Manager about the latest news on the connecting Caltrain and High Speed Rail at the next Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on July 7th at 6:30pm at The Infinity’s Club Lounge. RSVP now if you haven’t already – looking forward to seeing you!

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