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New Home for RinconHillSF.org neighborhood blog

I’m happy to say that Vitaly and his colleagues at Sputnik Integrated have been putting the final touches on the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association’s revamped web site, and it is ready for show time.

The RinconHillSF.org neighborhood blog will be moving to the Neighborhood Association web site at some point this weekend. We’ll be pursuing non-profit, tax-exempt status for the Association, which means I’ll have to keep my opinionated thoughts and criticisms of politicians somewhere else. That somewhere else will be www.SOMAcast.com. Until I get some free time to resuscitate my SOMAcast.com web site, I hope you’ll keep visiting www.RinconHillSF.org which will take you to the new home as the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association web site’s blog.

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