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Notes from May 14, 2007 Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association Meeting

I attended the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association (RHNA) meeting at the One Rincon Hill sales office at 511 Harrison Street yesterday. I was happy to meet some of the folks who have been following my web log here and learn about the next steps in the formation of the RHNA. This is a fabulous idea, and I do hope to see more of you in attendance at the next meeting where we may be electing RHNA’s first official Board of Directors (9 proposed spots).

The challenge right now is to get the word out and to build interest in the RHNA. I will continue to provide updates and notices on this Rincon Hill web log as well as my weekly e-mail digests (see Google Groups logo on the upper righthand corner of the home page of www.RinconHillSF.org).

Another matter is membership dues. Most neighborhood associations seem to charge around $25 for an individual, and that is what is currently proposed for RHNA.

The RHNA is hoping to find someone who can provide web site development services voluntarily. The web site address is www.RinconHillNeighbors.org, and there’s a basic information page currently set up. I’m a public finance guy, so I don’t know that I really have the web coding chops compared to some of the other folks in attendance who make their livelihood from web site development … but I offered to help where I could.

With all of the wonderful restaurants in Rincon Hill – and more coming our way – the RHNA can help provide a great outlet for these businesses to join residents in our efforts to make the area appealing and welcoming for tourists and other visitors. Simply providing a platform for us to meet one another rather than living as strangers in our own vertical gated communities next door to one another should be reason enough for many folks to join the RHNA.

The next meeting will either be in June or July.

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