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Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

I was excited to attend the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting this evening. I’m not going to spill the beans entirely because I want to give you some incentive to come to our next meeting on Monday, March 10th.

We had neighbors from Portside, Baycrest Towers, Watermark, 81 Lansing, The Metropolitan, Clementina Street (not sure of buildings), The Brannan (soon to be a One Rincon Hill resident), The Embarcadero Towers, and even one brand spanking new neighbor who will be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife in his new home at One Rincon Hill. It was wonderful to meet all of these folks who I probably wouldn’t have a chance to get to know otherwise.

There are three very important committees still in formation, and I encourage you to send an e-mail to info@rinconhillneighbors.org if you’re interested in joining any of the three. They are:

  1. Advocacy Committee – Led by Cliff Roth, this group will play an important role in focusing our efforts to improve the quality of life in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.
  2. Social Committee – Led by Robyn Kaufman, this group will program events for us to enjoy our precious free time as neighbors in Rincon Hill
  3. Merchant Committee – I believe we have a tentative volunteer leader for this group that will work with merchants and other businesses in the Rincon Hill neighborhood and maybe play a role in attracting more businesses to our neighborhood over time

If you haven’t already done so, please send your contact information to info@rinconhillneighbors.org in order to receive future meeting notices and other information from the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help play a direct role in shaping our developing neighborhood while also meeting your neighbors and improving the quality of life in the area. Although I’m obligated to be in Sunriver, Oregon for a municipal finance officer conference for business purposes on March 10th, I do hope you’ll make the time to attend the next RHNA meeting on that date.

Huge thanks to Ann and the other great folks at the One Rincon Hill Sales Center for hosting these early meetings for the Rincon Hill community.

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  1. Great writeup Jamie!