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Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association Web Meeting

Please join the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association for a web meeting on Tuesday, March 29th at 6:30 p.m. by pointing your web browser to http://join.me/rinconhill.

You can also load applications that allow you to view the web conference on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android mobile devices (search for “join.me” in your device’s application stores) – just type in rinconhill as the web meeting you would like to join.

After your web browser loads the rinconhill web meeting, you should have a little control panel at the top and center of your web browser. Click on the telephone icon on the far left to learn the telephone dial-in number (toll call) and access code to hear the meeting and to be able to add your voice to the discussion.

As an aside, the online website Google Voice offers free domestic calling if you don’t want to pay long distance charges for dialing into the web meeting.

The one challenge for us is to maintain a fair, orderly way to share our ideas. I’d like to propose that we use the chat window (the second button to the right in the join.me control panel) to either notify the moderator that you’d like join the queue to speak or just type in your thought in the chat window to share with everybody.

The main topic this Tuesday is pedestrian safety. The topic is timely because our Supervisor, Jane Kim, has scheduled a hearing on pedestrian safety at the April 7th Public Safety Committee meeting at 10:30 a.m. at City Hall. If pedestrian safety is a big concern for you, please try to attend this meeting and make public comments about your concerns about pedestrian safety in Rincon Hill and the South of Market District in general.

2 Responses to Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association Web Meeting

  1. I’m new to Rincon Hill. Isn’t this a good opportunity for a “neighborhood” group to get together in person? Why is this a virtual meeting?

    • Hi Wai!

      Welcome to the neighborhood!

      This is the first virtual meeting …. Trying it out to see if there is greater participation where folks can be at home, feed themselves, and be comfortable while also listening and adding their comments. It may totally bomb, but I did not want to be the sole setup person moving furniture around for a meeting and then putting it back into place after the meeting ends.

      If you would like to help me set up a meeting space for an in-person meeting on the last Tuesday of April, I am totally open to find a space to meet in-person in April. Me doing everything to set up a meeting in-person is not on the menu for me anymore. I can be reached at RinconHill@gmail.com. -Jamie