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Rincon Hill Neighbors Meeting and Political Candidates

I have received a few inquiries from political campaigns about Tuesday’s Rincon Hill neighbors meeting at The Infinity’s Club Lounge at 6:30pm and whether it would be appropriate to attend or to bring flyers/literature to that neighborhood get together.

1) You’re welcome to bring candidate literature to our meeting, but please be mindful about picking up discarded or unused literature. I will take pictures of particularly large accumulations of leftover campaign literature that I have to clean up and post the photos online.

2) There is zero time for candidates to speak during the meeting about their candidacy … sorry. The purposes of the meeting are to talk briefly about the Transbay JPA activities and mostly about a proposed change in usage of public park space (from grassy multi-purpose space to 2 bocce ball courts) and to introduce the idea that we need a children’s playground.

As a disclosure, I am helping my good friend Jim Meko run for Supervisor in District 6 and that is my bias, though I know and enjoy the company of many of the substantive candidates running for the office. – jamie whitaker

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