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RSVP for September 1st RHNA Meeting

Please RSVP today for the September 1, 2009, 6:30 p.m. Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting that will be held at The Infinity’s Club Lounge (enter courtyard just north of 333 Main Street and go up the stairs to the right to enter the Club Lounge).

A big thank you in advance to Susan and Yvette at The Infinity for graciously hosting the RHNA meeting at their building.

Also, thank you to the medical professionals of Current Health for sponsoring the meeting with water and other light refreshments.

Guest Speakers

Dan Hodapp, Senior Planner at The Port of San Francisco will bring drawings of the plans for the Brannan Street Wharf park project and can answer questions about other projects, like the potential changes to the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade that so many of use to walk to the Ferry Building or baseball games.

John King, Urban Design writer at the San Francisco Chronicle will join us to discuss changes and plans for the Rincon Hill neighborhood and to answer questions from attendees.

The waterfront and urban planning are two big, interesting topic areas, and I hope that you’ll join us to learn more about how the Rincon Hill neighborhood is evolving from these two points of view.

Please RSVP today so that we can have a good count of approximate attendees. I anticipate 30-40 attendees, but I know that some folks might be leaving town prior to the Bay Bridge closure for the Labor Day weekend.

Hope to see you on September 1st!

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