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Sony Pictures Apologizes for Graffitti

Chalk up another result for the Rincon Hill neighbors in maintaining the quality of life in our neighborhood. As you may recall, I ran across a spray-chalk advertisement on the public open space of the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade on the evening of May 10, 2009 (see photo below). I sent an email to City Attorney Dennis Herrera and shared with you my disenchantment with Sony Pictures for vandalizing our public open space and parks.

I’m happy to report that the City Attorney acted on behalf of my complaint and those of other neighbors in San Francisco neighborhoods that had also been vandalized, and sent a letter to Sony Pictures that, according to an article in today’s San Francisco Examiner, “accuses Sony Pictures of illegal graffiti, trespass of public property and unfair competition.” Thank you City Attorney Dennis Herrera!

You can read more in the article, but it basically says that Sony has cleaned up their graffitti and promised to never do it again. Amen.

So, we should never see this again from Sony … and I hope other entertainment companies take note.
Sony Pictures Vandlizes Rincon Park, May 10, 2009
Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

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