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Thank you to The Cosmopolitan cafe and our guests!

I am looking for photos from the first Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association social mixer.  Please let me know if I can share your photos on this blog and point me to their web location (or email them to me) by writing me at RinconHill@gmail.com.

First of all, a big thanks to The Cosmopolitan restaurant, owner Mick, assistant general manager Chayse, and other Cosmopolitan employees who really impressed Rincon Hill neighbors with their great service, wonderful food, and a nice atmosphere for our casual get together.  For those of us who work late in the FiDi, The Cosmopolitan’s bar area is open until 2am most nights …

Thank you to neighbors Vitaly, Katy, Katherine, Gary, Marty, Bob, Don, Carol, Ed, Anne Marie, Phil, Jeffrey, Ann, Karen, and others who have helped RHNA to grow these past two years.  A special thanks to Julie, Spencer, and Sarah with Chase Communications.

Thank you to Grace Reddy from the Embarcadero YMCA for stopping by – we’ll hear more about their Strong Communities Campaign and other public benefitting good works at our January 5, 2010 RHNA meeting at The Infinity.

Thank you to Planning Commission President Ron Miguel for visiting with us – we’ve got a ways to go in Rincon Hill, but we’ve come pretty far since 1989’s reset button was hit by Loma Prieta for the area and the Embarcadero Freeway was thankfully torn down!

Thank you to San Francisco USD School Board member Jane Kim for attending!

Thank you to Human Rights Commission Director Theresa Sparks for stopping by!

Thank you to Michael Nulty and other members of Alliance for a Better District 6 for attending!

Thank you C.W. Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle for stopping by – hope you had a nice time!

Thank you to Neal Patel of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for visiting as well – thanks for the efforts to improve non-vehicular transportation in SOMA!

Finally, a big thank you to all the declared 2010 District 6 Supervisor candidates who took the time out of a busy election day to visit with Rincon Hill, South Park, South Beach, and Mission Bay neighbors at The Cosmopolitan last night.  Those persons include Matthew Drake, James Keys, Jim Meko, and Debra Walker.  We all look forward to learning more about you and building our relationships as we approach November 2010.

I hope y’all had a nice evening!

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