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Welcome to our new neighbors moving into The Infinity and One Rincon Hill!

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

The other article in this week’s San Francisco Business Times (besides the one about Google’s new Rincon Hill offices at Hills Plaza) was an article that discussed the schedule and progress of new Rincon Hill neighborhood residents moving into their homes at The Infinity and One Rincon Hill. It sounds like these are moving along nicely, and our local businesses, like Local Kitchen and Wine Bar are gleeful with anticipation of these new residents patronizing their shops and restaurants while helping to make this neighborhood vibrant with residents once again.

You can read a portion of the article online despite not subscribing to the print edition of the San Francisco Business Times. Otherwise, I recommend heading over to the fabulous Mission Bay Public Library (a very well used library, I might add … the place is inveritably busy on the weekends when I visit).

Welcome to the neighborhood, y’all! Please join us for the next Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday, March 11th at 6:00 p.m. at the One Rincon Hill Sales Center, 511 Harrison Street (some parking available – please do not attempt crossing 1st Street on the south side of Harrison if you’ll be coming by foot!!). We hope to host the Southern District’s Captain McDonagh. Please send your contact information to info@rinconhillneighbors.org and RSVP for the Tuesday, March 11th meeting.

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