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Hello from Our Friends at Varnish Fine Art

While we’re awaiting a new location for the displaced (by the Transbay Transit Center project) Varnish Fine Art, they sent out this message ….

Hello from all of us at Varnish! We miss you since the old days, and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events before the new San Francisco location opens in early 2011.

The past seven years at Varnish Fine Art have been fabulous, and we’re broadening our scope both here in the States and internationally. Jen and Kerri travel to Europe this Fall for numerous art affairs, so let us know if you plan to be there too. The ladies end their European stay, presenting exciting new work, during the BLOOOM creative industries art show in Cologne, Germany.

We’re currently dealing artwork from our downtown SF office in the historic Hobart building where we can be reached by phone or email. Please visit our reconstructed website, and contact us directly with your fine art needs. As always we are happy to meet with you in person by appointment. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with our updated news.


Visit our website if you like.

582 Market Street, Suite 306, San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)433-4400

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