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I Love Saturdays in Rincon Hill

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

I just got home from my weekly Saturday morning walk up the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade to the Ferry Building and the wonderful, popular farmer’s market there. I take for granted that my Rincon Hill neighbors know about this weekly treat for nearby residents and visitors from afar, but just in case you don’t ….

The farmers market operates between 8am and 2pm every Saturday (as well as between 10am and 2pm every Tuesday). On Saturdays, it is a prime spot to run into your neighbors, people watch, enjoy a great-tasting breakfast, and to pick up some fresh organic produce from California farmers for the coming week.

Every Saturday morning, I spend a couple hours of my day at the market with a big smile on my face – walking to the market, walking around the market, and heading back home, my smile and the smiles and acknowledgement of happiness from strangers make for a great start to the weekend … make me thankful for the experiences and loving that I live so nearby in Rincon Hill to visit the Ferry Building and farmers market every Saturday! I love Saturdays!

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